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Magnetic Acupuncture Eyes Massager

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Magnetic Acupuncture Eyes Massager

Do you or your children become uncomfortable when reading books, using a computer, or doing other near vision tasks? If answer is yes, you may have asthenopia. That is the medical term for eyestrain. It can make near vision tasks difficult, painful, even unbearable and cause difficulty learning at school or in job performance. But it can usually be eliminated with the Magnetic Acupuncture Eyes Massager. If you or your children have any of the following symptoms, you may have an eye muscle problem: blurred vision, double vision, car sickness, headache, fatigue when reading or using a computer, itchy eyes, watery eyes, nausea or dizziness when reading or at a computer avoidance of close work, closing or covering one eye to read, reading problems concentration difficulty, losing your place when reading, learning problems, difficulty remembering what you read, frowning or squinting while reading, attention problems slow reading, difficulty finishing timed assignments. AA battery is included.

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